Monday, February 26, 2007

Welcomed Back

Diego-san has made it clear that if he didn't exactly miss me during my dog sitting absence, he certainly noticed I was gone. He's been ultra-cuddly and clingly since my return. He's been spending every night right by my side underneath the covers. He likes to get his face right into mine but this of course makes sleeping a little difficult. I'm surprised when I wake up in the morning that he's still there. He used to like to lie with me for a little bit before eventually moving to the end of the bed.

Diego has also been quite vocal about wanting to be combed right before bedtime. This has become our alone time and his loud purring makes it clear he missed that time when I was gone.

1 comment:

shelley said...

Cat's definately like routine! Kellie is all out of sorts when any part of her daily schedule is disrupted, actually I'm much the same way : )