Friday, July 14, 2006


I've been thinking that when it cools down a bit I'm going to take the boyz for a walk (on a leash).

The late great Mr. Max used to love going for walks. It was the only time he got to go outside. We used to make quite the sight I'm sure- me in my goofy hats, Max grazing on grass like a feline cow.

I took Thompson and Diego out for walks a couple of summers ago. First lesson was I couldn't walk them together since they both wanted to go different directions.

Diego loved being outside. I think it may have been the first time he had ever gotten to explore outside the walls since he was brought to a shelter after he was born, spent time in a foster home until I adopted him.

Thompson didn't much seem to enjoy the experience. Maybe it was the leash. Maybe it was the memories of his accident. When we were outside my neighbor came over to chat and I could tell Thompson just wanted to get back inside. He eventually got away from me and I chased after him with no chance of catching him. We circled the house a couple of times when it dawned on me that if I reversed directions we'd meet in the middle. Sure enough we almost ran right into each other. He hasn't been outside since.

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shelley said...

I only tried walking Kellie on a leash once - it didn't work too well. My Mom was holding the leash while I locked the door and within seconds Kellie had escaped, she was just a kitten and she was scared because she had never been outside before so it took us about 45 minutes to coax her out of a cedar bush!

Have you seen those baby buggies for pets? Too funny, I can't bring myself to try one of those!