Monday, July 03, 2006

Sunday Afternoon Baseball

Thompson took a nap on my chest as I watched the Twins' pitching phenom, Fransisco Liriano blow away the Brewers 8-0. Since Liriano is on my fantasy baseball team, the Osaka Cat's Meow, I was quite pleased.

After a sluggish start the Cats have been in first place the last couple of weeks. This rise in the standings is due to improvement in pitching- with Liriano playing a huge part of that.

Unfortunately my pleasure with the Cat's fortunes was short-lived. Two of my other pitchers, Mark Buerhle of the White Sox, and Alay Soler of the Mets got creamed. Buerhle giving up 10(!) runs in five innings and Soler giving up 8 in less than three innings.

The Cats are still in first place this morning but the lead has shrunk and the team seems to be limping into the All Star break. And although the Twins have been playing astoundingly great baseball the past few weeks (winning 18 out of 19), they've barely gained any ground on the two teams in front of them, the Tigers and White Sox. Talk about spinning your wheels.

Thompson, though, is well rested.


shelley said...

Thompson looks like such a sweetheart! How did he lose his leg? How old are your boyz?

David E Maeda said...

The story is that a woman used to feed Thompson in a park. Then a couple of days went by without her seeing him so she went to look for him and found him caught in an animal trap. She brought him to a shelter and they had to amputate his front leg in order to save his life.

He ended up in a "foster home" with Diego. The shelter wanted them adopted together since they got along so well. Thompson often takes his cues from Diego. He won't try something until he sees Diego do it a few times, then he seems to feel more comfortable trying something new.

I've had them since 2003 and was told when I adopted them that they both were about a year old. I think Thompson may be older than that given the timeline of his story.