Monday, July 10, 2006


It's been hot and muggy out (and in) so I've turned on the air conditioner the past few days. This means, of course, that the windows have to be closed.

So the comfort the boyz gain (and when it is hot and sticky the boyz act mighty lethargic) they lose equally one of their favorite pasttimes (particularly Thompson) of sitting in a window, breathing fresh air and taking in all the smells.

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shelley said...

I'm dealing with the same situation. I have a screened in deck which Kellie loves to go out on (when it's not too hot). Now that the air conditioner is on she sits staring longingly out the sliding doors,once in awhile meowing at me to let her out. What she doesn't realize is that if I let her out she will soon be wanting back in because the outside is not the same pleasant temperature that it is inside.