Monday, July 24, 2006

Play Time

Yesterday Theo and I played fetch for twenty minutes or so. After one toss instead of bringing the ball back to me, he went over to Diego-san and laid it at Diego's feet.

Diego proceeded to do what he loves to do with a ball- he casually swatted it around the room until he worked himself into a frenzy batting it and running after it. Theo stood there watching him, curious and wide eyed.

It was all quite cute.

I sometimes feel sad that Thompson really isn't as playful as the other boyz. I think he wants to be but cat toys are hard to bat around when you're missing your front leg. He does have a favorite catnip mouse that he'll pull out of the toybox and lie on his side and try to rip apart.

I took away his one consistent play activity. It used to be that when I was putting on my shoes to go to work, Thompson would try to grab the laces with his mouth as I was trying to tie them. Now I have loafers and thus there are no laces. Style and ease won out over Thompson's play time.

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