Friday, July 21, 2006

Licker... I Don't Even Know Her!

Theo hasn't been his ultra-friendly self the past few weeks. His tendency to hop up on my lap whenever I'm working on the computer has been replaced by a growing solitary attitude and paranoia (as if one of the other boyz has been leaping out at him around every corner).

About the only connection I have with Theo these days is when I get out of my morning shower and he licks my legs until I put some pants on.

Maybe it's the weather- all the heat takes away the appeal of hanging with other warm bodies in the house. Maybe it's just he is still trying to find his place here. If that's the case I feel bad that he still feels like an outsider in his own home.


shelley said...

I think Theo is just growing out of his kitten stage : )

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