Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Joys of Cat Ownership

Saturday morning I was woken by the sound of Theo throwing up. As soon as I heard him making that awful, but by now familiar cat hacking sound, I rushed out of bed and tried to place something underneath Theo. But I was too late and moments later I was trying my best to clean the carpet.

Sunday morning I was woken by the sound of Diego-san trying to bring up a hairball. This time I was too tired to get up and figured I would just deal with the aftermath when I was good and ready. When I finally got out of bed an hour later I wearily got up to assess the damage.

Proving that my theory that Diego is brighter than your average cat, he managed to keep what he threw up entirely on the computer desktop he has come to claim as his sleeping spot every night. Thus cleanup was very easy.

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shelley said...

I know that lovely hacking sound well. For reasons known only to Kellie she always heads to the front door and gets sick on the doormat - which is okay by me because it is easily washed in the washing machine.

Theo's still young - he still has time to learn the most polite place to get sick : )