Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Independence Day

Theo was on a mission yesterday and today. We have a triangular cardboard scratching box that has a little mouse on a sting hanging on the inside. There are two circular holes cut in the sides of the box. The idea is for the kitty to swat at the tempting hanging mouse (no doubt providing for hours of fun!).

This box has been around the house longer than Theo has. It was one of the many (unsuccessful) attempts to find a way to dissuade Diego-san from ripping up all my furniture. (The current method is to admit I'll never be able to buy good furniture with my current roommates.)

Anyhoo- for whatever reason Theo has decided he must get at that mouse. He can't reach it with his paws so he's been jamming his head inside the hole and this leads to him stumbling around the living room with a box attached to his body.

But he won't give up.

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