Thursday, July 27, 2006

I Saw the Light

Two of the light bulbs in my office were burnt out so I finally got around to changing them. To reach the bulbs I had to bring in a chair from the kitchen. This unusual activity of course got the attention of all three boyz. And ultimately all three personalities shone through in the great light bulb exchange of 2006.

Diego was the first to come in to see exactly what was going on. He was right there at the legs of the chair, sniffing the foreign object in the office.

Theo was close at his heels. And Theo was the first to hop up on the chair, peaking through the back bars as if he was now in prison.

Thompson peaked around the corner of the doorway into the office. He became distracted by a piece of scrap paper lying in the doorway. When I went towards the kitchen to get the new bulbs he ran away thinking that he was in trouble for checking out the piece of paper given all the other commotion and change going on.

After the new bulbs were in I couldn't believe how much brighter things were in my office. I couldn't believe I put up with so much darkness for so long.

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shelley said...

Isn't it hilarious when cats have to check out every little thing that is new or different! I can just see the boyz excitement over the great light bulb change of 2006 : ))