Tuesday, February 14, 2006

That Wacky Wacky Kitty Behavior Vol. 1

For the last week and a half I’ve been away from the boyz as I’ve been dog-sitting two peppy Rat Terriers who live 23 miles or 36 minutes away from my house. Feeling somewhat guilty about disrupting the routine of our household I stopped by the pet store the other day and bought the boyz a fancy motorized mouse toy. The mouse is supposed to taunt and entertain cats by moving in an erratic fashion. As I got the gift assembled each cat had a different reaction. Diego was more interested in the box than the actual toy. Thompson stood off to the side, far off to the side. Theo watched as the mouse speedily bounced around. He didn’t flinch as the rubber rodent smacked him in the face repeatedly (albeit with time in between each blow). He wasn’t fazed although he seemed perpetually stunned, at this random punch in the snoz. Suffice it to say I turned the toy off and the boyz seemed much happier batting the now stationary prey.

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