Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Mindlessly Entertained

Theo has a couple of "stupid pet tricks" in his arsenal. The first is I'll sit him in my lap tummy side up. I'll bring his tail up in front of his nose and mouth and inevitably he'll begin mindlessly licking it like it's a great big lollipop. It's like a great big treat- he won't stop licking until I move his tail away. All the while his eyes are at their maximum size- a look that always gives him the appearance of being the owner of a completely blank slate.

Even more impressive is Theo's ability to play fetch. When he hears the sound of a ball (his favorites are the crinkly multi colored balls) he'll excitedly sit at my feet until I throw the ball. He tears after it with such fervor that Thompson and Diego-san have learned to jump up some place high and safe for fear of being run into by a whirling dervish. Theo then comes waddling back, drops the ball at my feet and if I don't continue repeating this process he'll meow until I get the hint. This can go on and on and on...

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