Monday, February 20, 2006

Hanging On

Diego-san's passion can lead him not only into strange pursuits but also into predicaments. One morning as I was taking my shower I noticed that there was a big shadowy figure walking back and forth impatiently on the vanity across from the shower. Since I didn't have my glasses on I couldn't really tell which one of the boys it was but still I knew the only one who would think to test whether the bathroom door was latched and discovering that it wasn't would actually come into the bathroom, was likely Diego. I tried to quickly finish up my shower but I noticed the shadowy figure had stopped moving. I just knew what was going to happen next.

I was hoping the figure was smarter than what I was anticipating his next action to be. Sure enough in a flash of a moment the figure launched himself off the sink and tried to land over the glass shower door. He wasn't even close although he managed to grab on to the top of the door. So there we were, the two of us- one in a running trickle of warm water, the other hanging on for dear life on the other side of the shower door. It was kind of amusing to see him all stretched out not knowing what to do next. I couldn't really help because there was no way I could pull him over and I knew if I opened the door he'd fall. I chose the second option hoping the landing would be soft enough not to hurt but scary enough where a repeat of this early morning activity would never be repeated.

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