Monday, February 27, 2006

Another Chance

This is Thompson's story. He was found in a park by a woman who fed him every day. One day she noticed that he hadn't been coming around as usual. He was later found in a trap, left front leg all but rotted away. But that's when fate smiled upon him a bit- he was brought to a no kill animal shelter. The vet who performed the surgery said that when Thompson awoke the first thing he wanted to do was eat. That doesn't surprise me.

I learned that at the clinic he was called "Tumbles." And from what the foster family that cared for him told me, it took a bit of time for him to learn to get around on three legs and not four. But now there's little he can't do that the other two boyz can.

After Max died I had doubts about adopting another cat. It's a hard fact of life that as a pet owner there is a significant chance you will outlive your pet (unless it's a turtle or a bird). I met someone who changed my way of thinking. Laura Lee told me that it wasn't just about me- that since I was a good cat person and there were so many cats out there looking for a good home, it was my duty to adopt another cat (or two).

I'm still not sure I would have adopted another cat if I hadn't met Thompson. There's something both sad and comforting about the look he gives you. And to watch him tear around the house and explore and make the most out of life is inspirational. Every day inspirational.

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